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Civil Litigation Practitioner Since 1976

I graduated from Pepperdine Law School in 1976, quit my job teaching speech and communication at Long Beach City College, worked for a mentor for a little over a year, and ever since have either been in a two-person firm (Kinsey & Lashlee 1977-97) or in solo practice.  After 1997 I was a solo practitioner on Main Street in Seal Beach (Paradise) before reducing my case load by 90% in 2013, moving into semi-retirement, and taking my practice to a home office in which I have built something of an electronic village to handle every aspect of the business. 


I have the use of a brick-and-mortar office at 333 West Broadway, in Long Beach to meet clients face-to-face but, using the phone, the internet, Zoom conferencing, and electronic filing, I find that it is almost never necessary to do so.  I often don't meet clients in the flesh until there is a court hearing requiring an in-person appearance.

Over the years I have litigated a wide variety of matters but these days I've been limiting myself to civil litigation - breach of contract, fraud, and all manner of real estate matters including specific performance, quiet title, and partition. (See our Real Property Partition website)

I don't charge for phone consultations so feel free to give me a call.  Since I don't have a secretary, you'll get my 24/7 answering service based in Virginia.  They will get your message to me wherever I may be within 1 minute and I usually call back the same day.  If I can't handle your case, I may be able to direct you to someone who can.

- Gene Kinsey

Phone:  (562) 596-8177



Since I first constructed this website in the late 90's, our philosophy has been simple:  1) avoid litigation like the plague, 2) represent yourself if you are competent to do so, and, 3) hire an attorney only as a last resort.  We hope the free legal materials below and in our "Free Stuff Menu" will help you represent yourself.

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